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Questions and answers

Q. What is photoLabQC?
A. Software to manage photo lab quality control. The software stores control strip densities from a connected densitometer or densities keyed from the keyboard.
Q. Which operating systems does photoLabQC run on?
Q. Can photoLabQC be installed on Windows 7
Q. How do I purchase photoLabQC?
Q. What happened to QMiPhoto?
Q. Why do I need to install the NET 2 framework?
Q. Where do I find information about NET?
Q. Why are MDAC components required?
Q. How do I setup equipment?
Q. How do I setup aims?
Q. Can I delete results?
Q. Can I delete aims?
Q. What densitometers are supported?
Q. What cables do I need to connect the densitometer?
Q. Where do I plug the densitometer to the PC
Q. My PC does not have a serial port.
Q. Settings for X-Rite densitometers
Q. Can I use the software without the densitometer being connected?
Q. How many pieces of equipment does photoLabQC support?
Q. Which control strip types does photoLabQC support?
Q. What additional features does the multi-lab version offer?
Q. What is the web data backup feature